Construction Site Security

Construction Site Security

Working on a construction project? Want to make sure it goes off without a hitch? Theft and vandalism can seriously slow down the progress of a building project. In some cases, they can even put a stop to it altogether.

Want to bump up your building site security? Safe and Sound has supplied SIA licensed security guards for companies like Story Construction, Border Construction and more across the UK. Get in touch today and we’ll help you sort out security measures for your site. Give us a call on 0844 3352522 to speak sooner.

As you’ll know construction sites can house lots of valuable equipment, even when the site is unoccupied. Some machinery is awkward to move, so it’s simply more convenient to leave it overnight. However, this makes it a possible target for thieves and vandals.

According to studies, over £1million worth of plant machinery is stolen in the UK every week. Given the high value of plant, it’s a regular target for thieves looking to ship it off to other countries and make a small fortune. This also means it’s hugely expensive to replace. Not to mention the work time you’ll lose waiting for a replacement.

Hiring construction security guards might seem like a luxury, but it’s far cheaper and less of an inconvenience than replacing stolen or damaged equipment. Investing in plant security is well worthwhile and it’s probably cheaper than you think. Mobile patrols are particularly effective for those looking to stick to a tight budget.

You get to control access to the site too. If you have loads contractors and sub-contractors coming and going, someone unauthorised could easily sneak in. Having security prevents this and makes sure only those that are meant to be on site are.

Good security also makes your construction site a better place for workers. Contractors and sub-contractors will feel better working on your site knowing that their tools and other equipment are safe.

Even when no one else is there, security guards can patrol your site and keep out opportunistic thieves. Their extensive training means they know exactly what to look for. So they can identify potential entry points and signs of pre-meditated break-in that others might miss.

All Safe and Sound security guards are fully SIA licensed as well as being screened and vetted. Not to mention their experience working with large construction firms like Story Construction, Border Construction and more. So you can rest assured that your site is safe in their hands.

We can also install construction site CCTV and alarm systems if you want to make your site even safer.

Stop yourself from wishing you invested in security earlier. Make sure your construction project gets finished with as few obstacles as possible. Get in touch with Safe and Sound today and we can start discussing the best security measures for your building site. Give us a call on 0844 3352522 to speak sooner.

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