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Retail Security Guards

All Safe & Sound Security Solutions Limited Retail Security Guards are SIA licensed, adhere to British Standard 7499 and are screened and vetted in accordance with British Standard 7858.

Safe & Sound Security Solutions Limited's Retail Security Guards have excellent communication skills, which is a fundamental part of the job - they must be able to communicate with employees, managers, members of the public, Retail Security Guards from other shops or outlets, CCTV operatives and the police. Our Retail Security Guards are also well trained, highly motivated, polite, reliable and hold a valid SIA Security Guarding licence.

Safe & Sound Security Solutions Limited Retail Security Guards are provided with a company uniform, unless the retailer requires a more clandestine service.

The visual deterrent provided by a Retail Security Guard is often sufficient to deter most would-be thieves, and with the majority of theft and acquisitive crime coming from the same repeat-offenders, the Retail Security Guard is able to resolve the situation by simply asking them to leave. Further incentives to having a Retail Security Guard is that it can both improve the feeling of customer safety, helping to sustain a comfortable and relaxed shopping environment while simultaneously lowering insurance premiums.

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